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Tadhamon World Cup Online Contest

What do you know about the worldcup?

The FIFA world cup event is one of the biggest events that everyone is always excited about, and that was where we decided we should be part of it. So we pulled off the idea of creating an online web game based on all the FIFA world Cup matches through the years. Questions to be answered , points to collect and the ability to share it through social media.

Tadhamon International Islamic Bank was excited to be part of this and approved of the idea, and as the prize was 4 Million at the start they raised it to be 10 Million. Both our teams worked in harmony to get this done and the results were completely satisfying.

  • Idea

    The user interface needed to match the idea of the game which is the World cup event, it needed to be clear, simple, friendly but creative.

    Starting from wireframes and walking through the implementation of the visual design to get the whole experience to be ready to launch.

    Tiib website Tiib website
  • Implementation

    • Tiib website
    • Tiib website
    • Tiib website
    • Tiib website
    • Tiib website
    • Tiib website
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One website,
different platfroms

To provide a great user experience across many devices and screen sizes, we aimed for the responsive design. No matter what the user chooses to view it on, we made it possible.

Tiib website

Range and reach

Online or offline, we used different advertising ways to reach and be spread across the cities. Along with the following promotional video.